New Scania truck with Transporter Engineering +11 superstructure & trailer

New Scania truck with transporter engineering +11 superstructure & trailer

As part of our ongoing commitment to invest in new equipment and technology, Freemans have recently taken delivery of a Scania P410 unit supplied by Truck East, Wellingborough.

The truck has the latest Euro 6 compliant engine, a fully automatic 12 speed gearbox and is fitted with ‘lane departure’ and ‘brake assist’ facilities to aid safety.
Driver ‘home from home’ comforts include air conditioning, refrigerated storage and an improved sleeping area for overnight stops.

Although the carrying equipment has been designed to accommodate 11 mixed cars, where a low number of small cars are introduced, the outfit can legally load 12 vehicles providing greater flexibility for our customers.

In order to ensure reliability, stability and longevity, the unit was specified to be equipped with the latest Michelin tyres and will be covered by a full Repairs & Maintenance through the supplying dealer.

Look out for KX16 ZRC on the road and its driver Keith Harris who has over 20 years of car transporter driving experience under his belt.

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